Phlebotomy Technician with Externship

Phlebotomy Technician with Externship

The 90-hour Phlebotomy Technician Program prepares professionals to collect blood specimens from clients for the purpose of laboratory analysis. 

Students will become familiar with all aspects related to blood collection and develop comprehensive skills to perform venipunctures completely and safely.  Classroom work includes terminology, anatomy and physiology; blood collection procedures; specimen hands-on practice; and clinical training in skills and techniques to perform puncture methods.  The program also includes lab exercises, live blood draws, work with a training arm, and other exercises intended to prepare students to function as an entry-level Phlebotomy Technician.  

Certification available onsite through National Healthcareers association upon successful completion of course.

For students who may have a criminal background, please be advised that the background could keep you from being licensed by the State of Texas. If you have a question about your background and licensure, please check with the National Healthcareers Association certification board by calling 1-800-499-9092 to discuss your topic of study to determine if you are qualified to obtain a certificate in that field.  You also have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from the applicable licensing agency.

Upcoming Dates

To be on the waitlist for the Fall 2023 course. Please call 903-823-3382