Kids’ College Information form

Kids’ College Information form

  • Parent / Guardian information

    This information will only be used to contact during Kids' College 2022.
  • Emergency information

    If I cannot be reached to make plans for emergency care for my child, I give my permissions for Texarkana College to take my child to:
  • include phone number
  • Agreements

  • Release of Liability Statement

    I state that I assume full responsibility for any accident or personal injury that might befall my child due to participation in Kids’ College activities. I assume this responsibility with full acceptance of the risks, known and unknown to me at this time. I further state that my child has no known health problems, conditions, or concerns which may preclude them from safe participation in a classroom/physical activity program, and agree to inform the instructor of any minor concerns which may develop. I give permission for my child to be transported by Texarkana College faculty, staff, or volunteers to and from the location of their related Kids’ College activity. I hereby hold harmless and release Texarkana College from all liability arising out of any injury, loss, claim, or damage which may be sustained by my child due to participation in Kids’ College activities.
  • Type name & relation to child
  • Pick-up information

  • These will be the only ones allowed to pick up child