Kids’ College Parental Consent form

Kids' College

  • Parental Permission form for Internet Use

  • (type your child's full name)
  • I understand that Kids' College 2020 will be presented in an online format through Zoom technology. I grant permission for my minor child to download and use the Zoom technology for the purpose of conducting instruction. I further understand that my child will be online with an instructor and other children and will conduct himself or herself in a positive manner in order to enable the course content to be enjoyable for themselves and their classmate.

    I have read the online conduct policy and have discussed it with my child or children.

    I further accept responsibility for and hold Texarkana College harmless from any damages caused by my child’s or children’s use of the Internet. I also understand that each session of Kids' College will be recorded for the protection of the student and Texarkana College and may be viewed by Kids' College staff for disciplinary action.

    Unacceptable uses of the course include:
    • Violating student or staff rights to privacy:
    • Using profane, obscene or offensive language, graphics or other forms of communication
    • Misuse or sharing of passwords
    • Disrespecting the instructor or other students
    • Bullying (will NOT be tolerated)
    • Sharing or using personally identifiable information or individually owned or copyrighted material (this includes pictures, artwork, & products) without the author's (or parent/guardian's) prior consent;

    I further understand that I as the child’s parent/guardian, I am responsible for furnishing a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet for the child to access the class as well as internet service. Texarkana College will not provide any electronic device or internet service for these courses.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY